If you live in or are visiting the Las Vegas area, drum lessons are available with Aaron! Take a lesson with Aaron from anywhere in the world via Skype! Visit the shop! Aaron's teaching facility is state of the art! Two drum sets are setup side by side for simultaneous playing, and the studio is record ready, with audio and video technology! Teaching rate is $60 per hour. 



"Aaron is a jewel, both as a human being and a drumming mentor.  The progress that I am making today is very much influenced by him.  What started out as a keen interest in drumming for me later became a very strong passion of mine.  When you are a student to a passionate mentor like Aaron, you're likely to become passionate about drumming as well.  I'm particularly appreciative of Aaron's strong encouragement for me to stretch and expand my drumming skills.  I am constantly looking for new ways to improve, and Aaron is a strong motivator for that.  He is not only a very skilled drummer and a very skilled teacher, he is also a continuing inspiration to me.  I am very grateful to Aaron for being a wonderful kickstarter for my lifelong passion of drumming."  -Devikah

Aaron Carroll was my first drum set teacher. He is an amazingly talented drummer, but more importantly, an amazing teacher. Thanks to Aaron I have been very successful as a drummer even after I moved out to the east coast. His lessons will stick with me forever as I pursue a carreer in music. When I started having lessons with Aaron back in 2013, I wanted to play drum set because it looked fun. Thanks to Aaron, that curiosity has bloomed into a love for the instrument. I get an amazing feeling whenever I sit down behind a set. I know it's what I love, and that nothing I do will make me happier than being a musician. Other than being an amazing musician and teacher, he is a really fun guy. He has never come off as condescending or intimidating in any of my lessons. Aaron Carroll is an easy 5/5 star teacher! -Oren S.